Friday, May 16, 2014

Plant Planet Pre (Name work in progress)

Plant Planet - WIP

    Started a new project, trying out more natural environments. I saw a picture from BlenderArtists that gave me the idea to try this. Not near finished, I want this to be a larger project I work on here and there on the side. Things to add:

  • better grass (flowing in wind?)
  • Fuller tree/better leaves
  • Fix grass in water
  • Add sand around water, beach-like
  • old ruins?
  • ^covered in vines/foliage/moss
  • Bushes?
  • Clouds
  • ^DOF?
  • Sun glare?
  • Small rocks
  • More water? (river?)
  • More traces of human life or none at all
  • Vignette with space on edges
  • ^Clouds revolving around planet?
  • Distant planets/starts
EDIT: I seem to have some how lost the project file... well.

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